Guitar Fundamentals

A Comprehensive Reference Guide For Students And Teachers. 

After years of going over the same topics with guitar students in private lessons, I decided it was time to put it all into a book. If you are a student taking guitar lessons, or a teacher giving guitar lessons, this is a book for you. 

It starts out with one of the most important steps in understanding the guitar, and that is learning the notes on the fretboard. Then we jump into all the different types of notation you will come across as a guitarist. You will also learn exercises to get you in shape to play the various chords, scales and arpeggios that are presented in the book. Other topics covered include, strumming and fingerpicking patterns, modern chord concepts that are used by many artists, plus a detailed chapter on harmony and theory. There is also a quiz section with questions to test your knowledge and skill. To finish off there is a huge list of tunes in a wide range of styles that I recommend you to learn. 

If you are a teacher or a student and you are looking for the fundamentals all in one place, then I strongly recommend this book. It has been a valuable reference for me & my students during private lessons & I believe it will for you too.

Coming Soon in Paperback. (75 Pages) 

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