Enrolment Details

Private lessons run throughout the year on a continual 8 week block system
breaking only at Christmas for 4 weeks.

Fees for an 8 week block of half hour / weekly guitar lessons are $200.

New students are to pay fees on the commencement of their 1st lesson.
If you wish to start before the beginning of a block,

Fees would be...

Starting Week 2 ... $175
Starting Week 3 ... $150
Starting Week 4 ... $125
Starting Week 5 ... $100
Starting Week 6 ... $75
Starting Week 7 ... $50
Starting Week 8 ... $25

Once a student is enrolled the $200 fees must always be paid in full the week before the next block.

No refunds or re bookings can be given even if you are absent due to illness, holidays or business etc.