If you want to get the most out of your lessons
& make any kind of progress in learning the guitar,

I strongly recommend to follow some kind of set plan
that is graded & prepared ahead
to reduce wasted time in your lesson.

My approach is very hands on because I believe that
time spent actually playing the guitar
is more beneficial than
time spent talking about playing.

Don't get me wrong,
understanding what you are playing is very important,
but not at the expense of
time spent with the guitar.

You need to find a good balance of
theory & practical.

The way I personally achieve this
is to analyze songs that I like,
& some songs that I don't like, occasionally.

Find out why certain songs appeal to you,
because this can be a great aid in writing your own music.

For instance,
I have found that I like songs in minor keys.

Maybe because of the darker sound of minor keys
as apposed to the brighter sound of major keys.